Why ?

Why ?

Groupe Roullier’s Culture

Flourishing activities and a head for innovation

Feeding the world is an exciting project. As a specialist in Plant Nutrition and Animal Nutrition and Welfare, we take up this challenge knowing we can rely on our solid and dynamic structure. Innovation? We place it at the very heart of our products, processes, and services, anticipating our customers’ expectations. It is the Groupe’s watchword.

An entrepreneurial spirit that drives our actions

Each and every subsidiary manager is a true entrepreneur. Every man and woman within the Groupe is eager to develop a commitment to performance and implement any process necessary to achieve the objectives that have been set. Surpassing and sometimes surprising oneself. Here, we like a challenge.

Personalities at the forefront

The secret to fully integrating into our Groupe and enjoying your successes?
The ability to be a true leader and adapt to an environment with a focus on entrepreneurship and innovation. With us, human qualities prevail over degrees or academic excellence. Audacity, responsiveness, commitment, and a focus on results: the main ingredients in a recipe for the Groupe Roullier.

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Your future with us

Individual and collective training programmes

Our activities are specific. They require that our products, environment, and expertise be methodically learned. Our training courses are custom-made so that every employee can perform to the best of their ability within their field of expertise, because the Groupe's development relies on theirs. Every effort is made to support them in developing their expertise and interpersonal skills so that hierarchical or cross-disciplinary developmental prospects are open to them.

Our agro-supply branch has designed a program for our future Regional Directors. Thanks to its personalized planning of 15 months, the candidates can switch between theoretical and practical training with an expert coach help. Learn more here.

Mobility means progress

Building a career as a member of the Groupe Roullier means the benefit of access to numerous internal mobility opportunities in a dynamic, secure environment. Our thorough management of the Groupe's human resources is essential to us having the skills necessary for the development of all of our activities, now and in the future. This is why internal mobility takes the form of cross-disciplinary, inter-activity, geographical or hierarchical development. Before looking for external candidates, we rely on our HR tools and our managers in order to identify any men and women seeking professional development within our companies. The Groupe Roullier has gathered some fine examples of internal mobility; we don’t hesitate to place confidence in our employees and colleagues. Then it is up to each and every one to act and take charge of their career!

Groupe Roullier wins the “Happy Candidates” 2018 designation in France

happy candidates roullier 2018

In 2018, we decided to evaluate our recruitment process in order to improve the recruitment experience for our candidates.

Choose My Company gives companies an opportunity to evaluate the process of recruiting, integrating and assisting newcomers by means of a questionnaire. Groupe Roullier has received the Happy Candidate certification. Based on the opinions of the interviewed candidates, this designation reflects the quality of our overall recruitment experience.

The questionnaire sent to each candidate we interviewed asked them to evaluate Groupe Roullier on 4 areas: the process, reputation, information and quality of the interviewees.

The Group is proud to have obtained a score of 3.9/5, and a recommendation rate of 78%.

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