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Cookies usage policy

This section is dedicated to our cookie management policy. It provides more information about the origin and use of browsing information processed when you browse the site (hereinafter the “Site”) and about your rights.

What is a cookie?

The CNIL ( provides the following definition of cookies:

A cookie is information placed on your hard drive by the server of the site you are visiting. The purpose of the cookie is to collect information relating to your browsing and to send content and services tailored to your areas of interest. It contains several items of data: the name of the server which deposited it, an identifier in the form of a unique number, possibly a cookie expiry date, etc. This information is sometimes stored on your computer in a simple text file which a server accesses to read and record information.

In concrete terms, during your visit to the Site, “cookies” may be saved on your terminal (your computer, your tablet, your smartphone, etc.). A cookie is a small text file which contains a list of characters and which is downloaded and stored on your terminal during your visit. The cookies are then sent back to the Site on each of your subsequent visits or to another site that recognises those cookies.

The cookies present on the Site

The cookies present on the Site are used as for the Site’s audience measurement and possibly for identification purposes..

Audience measurement cookies

These cookies are intended to establish volumes and statistics regarding visits to the Site, the various sections viewed and the elements used.

Cookie deposit management

Cookies are kept for a maximum of 13 months. This period is not extended by your subsequent visits. Depositing cookies on your terminal requires your consent. As soon as you arrive on the Site, an information banner therefore informs you that we use this technology and that by continuing to browse, you agree to cookies being deposited on your terminal. However, you can configure them at any time by clicking the following link: Cookie settings.

Rejecting cookies

Rejecting cookies may lead to you being unable to benefit from all or part of the Site functionalities. How to exercise your choices depending on the browser you use? Each web browser is configured differently. How to modify your cookie preferences will be explained in your web browser’s help menu. Here are the help pages for the main browsers on which the Site has been tested :

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